MRCC at the 25th Americas Conference on Information Systems

MRCC at the 25th Americas Conference on Information Systems

This year again the MRCC was represented with a delegation at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS). This year's twenty-fifth edition took place in Cancún (Mexico) from August 15 to 17, 2019 and brought together scientists from all over the world to exchange views on digitization topics.

As in previous years, Naoum Jamous (AG WI) was represented with his own minitrack on the topic: "Strategic Impact of IT Operations Management". It focuses primarily on the potential and challenges of using ITOM, which have an influence on the smooth deployment and operation of IT system landscapes. Furthermore, in his talk "Toward Enhancing Customer's Experience in Digital Banking", he discussed factors that can improve the customer experience in digital banking.

Daniel Staegemann (AG WI) presented a comprehensive analysis of the different dimensions of Big Data from the point of view of quality assurance. Because the aspect of potential problems is often underestimated when it comes to the strategic positioning, design, development and practical use of Big Data applications.

 Matthias Volk (also from AG WI) spoke on the use of machine learning techniques in finance. In his contribution he examined the applicability of these techniques for the annotation of texts in order to enable an automated evaluation of news and their effects on the financial markets.

However, not only technical aspects were considered, but also some didactic ones. Robert Häusler (VLBA Lab) has investigated in his research how teaching material for the imparting of application knowledge in IT-based teaching should be effectively structured. For this purpose, he developed an overview of existing concepts and approaches (LOM standards, meta-objects, hierarchization and reusability) in order to counter the continuous generation of knowledge.