ESEFA and SAP UA delegation promotes discussions on knowledge transfer and cross-border networking between academia and industry

22.08.2016 - 23.09.2016
10:00 Uhr

Responsible person: Patrick Wirz

ESEFA RoadshowWithin the framework of a road show at various universities in Nigeria and Ghana, a delegation of ESEFA representatives engaged with students and lecturers to foster a dialogue on interactions between academic research and industry. Patrick Wirz, ESEFA Project Manager at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg together with Gwamaka Mwalemba, ESEFA Programme Manager at the University of Cape Town, and De Wet Naudé, Senior Director SAP UA sub-Saharan Africa, sparked a vivid discussion with lecturers and representatives of the university management about the planning and implementation of Enterprise Systems teaching. Beyond that, the team provided information on the ESEFA and SAP University Alliance programme in their presentations. The visits have been complemented by a guest lecture held by De Wet Naudé, aimed at making transparent the intersection of research, applied technology and business. During the lecture, students gained valuable insights into “big data-processing” and new concepts arising from the digital transformation, such as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). But the road show was not only conceived to be an information event - it should also foster the dialogue between academia and industry pointing out opportunities for creating synergies and building networks.