ESEFA Meeting at Cape Town

24.03.2014 - 28.03.2014
10:00 Uhr

Responsible person: Patrick Wirz

From the 24th-28th March 2014 at the University of Cape Town a meeting was held between the project managers and participants of the project ESEFA (Enterprise Systems Education For Africa) to exchange information and experiences and to discuss the current status of the project planning.

The group of participants included Karin Reissenauer (UCT), Prof. Lisa Seymour (UCT), Anjali Ramburn (UCT), Gwamaka Mwalemba (UCT), Graeme Ampeire (UCT) and Patrick Wirz (OVGU). The focus of attention was, among other things, the planning of project presentations and ESEFA training courses as well as the further development of the curriculum. Finally the organization of the customizing process was discussed to expand the GBI-SAP training system by model data for the African Model Company ZAMBIKES.

In addition, Graeme Ampeire was introduced by the University of Cape Town as new student assistant for the project.