ESEFA project presentation at the Makerere University in Uganda

10:00 Uhr

On 10 September, the ESEFA team members from the University of Cape Town (UCT) Karin Reissenauer (ESEFA project manager) and Gwamaka Mwalemba (ESEFA lecturer) went to Kampala to get a further ambitious project partner on board. At the premises of the Makerere University, 12 academics from the College of Computing and Information Sciences and the College of Business and Management Sciences came together to join the ESEFA project presentation.

Major emphasis was initially put on the objectives, scope and rationale of the project. Moreover, the presentation focused on the ESEFA curriculum specially customized for Enterprise Systems education at designated African universities. In this regard, not only the content and procedure of the courses were discussed but also the future integration of the curriculum into the various disciplines at Makerere. Being the 10th university to join the ESEFA partnership the Makerere University will fulfill the project’s objective of collaborating with ten African universities.