CVLBA Annual Conference 2012

09:00 Uhr

In the course of the annual conference of the CVLBA employees from Munich and Magdeburg, and the scientific advisory board of the CVLBA, recent research results were presented and discussed.


  • VLBA Planning:
    • Estimating Non-functional Properties of a Service-Oriented IT System Landscape (Sascha Bosse)
    • Understanding the Role of IT for Managing Effective Organizational Controls (Manuel Wiesche)
    • Integrated Business Applications for the IT Service Industry (Johannes Hintsch)
  • VLBA Design:
    • Recommendations for SaaS Based ERP Implementations – Using SAP Business ByDesign as an Example (Harald Kienegger)
    • Business Simulations in the Context of VLBA (Bastian Kurbjuhn)
  • VLBA Operation:
    • Load Distribution in IT-System-Landscapes (Matthias Splieth)
    • Cloud Operations Management (Christian Schulz)
  • VLBA Management:
    • IT Challenges in Corporate Divestitures: What makes IT Carve-Out Management Successful? (Markus Böhm)
    • Contract design and its performance implications: An empirical analysis of IS outsourcing projects from a vendor’s perspective (Konrad Dongus)
    • Relational Antecedents of Information Visibility in Value Networks (Suparna Goswam)

Location: Walldorf