7th International Conference on Education, Research & Development in Bulgaria

04.09.2016 - 08.09.2016
10:00 Uhr

Responsible person: Patrick Wirz, Frances Weiß

ISE Konferenz

From September 4-8, 2016, Frances Weiß and Patrick Wirz participated in the “7th International Conference on Education, Research & Development” in Elenite, Bulgaria. The conference provided a forum to present and discuss various topics including knowledge and innovation as a primary factor for productivity and economic growth, higher education with a focus on globalization and internationalization as well as e-learning and virtual innovations. The conference participants had backgrounds in diverse fields ranging from engineering and management to computer science and cognition to education and psychology. Traveling to Bulgaria from over 30 countries, i.a., South Africa, Taiwan and Australia, the participants made this a truly international event.

Frances Weiß presented the paper “Development and Design of a Localized Learning Environment in Enterprise Systems Education for sub-Saharan Africa” written by herself, Patrick Wirz, Catharina Zschieck and Prof. Dr. Klaus Turowski to an audience of more than 100 scientists. In her talk, she gave a short account of the objectives and achievements of the ESEFA project and briefly described the theoretical assumptions behind the curriculum development. She expanded on the cornerstones and special features of the ESEFA curriculum. The article will be published in the journal “Educational Alternatives”.

During the remainder of the conference, Patrick Wirz and Frances Weiß listened to some interesting talks and engaged in number of intriguing discussions with fellow participants.

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