Very Large Business Applications Serious Games

Very Large Business Applications Serious Games
Project members: Bastian Kurbjuhn
Project status: running

In many companies, Enterprise-Resource-Planning-Systems (ERP-Systeme) are the basis for information processing and thus contribute to the corporate success. It has to be assured, however, that qualified employees that are able to permeate the complexity of a diversity of ERP solutions are available. In addition to the ability to handle the systems, it is crucial for possible employees to possess knowledge about the economic process context.

Thus, in the area of teaching, Serious Games are an adequate tool for simulating business processes. Serious Games that are currently available at the market, however, have always been developed as stand-alone solutions, so that the practical connection to ERP systems cannot be conveyed. The approach to offer Serious Games as solutions integrated into ERP-systems has developed only recently; the corresponding market offer is accordingly small.

A Serious Game describes a szenario in which people (fellow players) act within a framework that is equipped with rules of the game. Their acitivites are systematically recorded and assessed afterwards. The basis of this assessment is the result of a simulation which processes the activities of the individual fellow players.

In the course of this project, a concept for a ERP-integrated Serious Game that is technically based on a SaaS-approach is meant to be developed. Individual questions are thereby concerned with the version, the strategy, or the goal of the business plan that is meant to be depicted, of the underlying market model and the technical implementation.