Blockchain Technology Framework (BA, MA)

Internal advisor: Matthias Pohl

Blockchain technology (BT) is, after well-known application scenarios as a crypto currency and smart contract, now also an interesting basis for distributed applications. Within the scope of previous investigations, known BT (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum) were examined for their technological components and summarized in a framework. The goal of a bachelor thesis is to complement this framework with further basic technologies that other BTs consist of. For this purpose a comprehensive analysis of literature, developer documentation and use cases will be carried out. As an extension/option a development of a new modular BT is possible, but requires programming skills.

As an extension to a master thesis, a software feature model from the field of software engineering can be derived from the Blockchain Technology Framework. The introduction to feature-oriented programming and feature modeling is necessary. A subsequent evaluation can be done by developing an own block chain based on the software feature model.