SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
Project status: finished

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is a SAP software solution that allows the evaluation of data from operative SAP-applications and from random business management applications and external data sources.

In the year 2002, the SAP BW (starting from the release 2.1C) was analyzed by the UCC Magdeburg as one of the first applications of the SAP UA environments for the hosting worldwide. In the same year, SAP BW could be delivered to the utilizing institutuins of the SAP UCC Magdeburg as a new product with 3.0A release.

In cooperation with the TU Munich, curricula were developed for the 3.x releases of SAP BW and were delivered to the SAP UA community. Based on those training documents, there were several trainings at the SAP UCC Magdeburg for utilizing lecturers according to the train-the-trainer principle. In the context of the cutover to the new release 7.0, a complete re-design of the existing curriculum was necessary due to the changed system structure in the field of reporting and due to the data modelling  and the data load. The re-design was undertaken by the UCC Magdeburg in cooperation with the Ludwigshafen University and the Stuttgart Media University.

In order to advance the development of new curriculum concepts, the UCC Magdeburg regularly participates in the SAP UA BW Roundtable. The concepts that emerge in the process of cooperation with the participants influence the current pilot projects and are tested by the UCC Magdeburg according to their technical feasability. Currently, the UCC Magdeburg, the Ludwigshafen University, the University of Cooperative Education Loerrach, and the CSU Chico work on the development of a curriculum on the basis of the new release 7.3.