Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing
Project members: Ronny Zimmermann
Project status: finished

Due to the increasing number of cooperation partners of the UCC and the conjunct enlargement of the SAP system landscape, it became necessary to simplify the administration and to improve the resource utilization. For this reason, at the beginning of the year 2008, the UCC initiated the project "Adaptive Computing" in cooperation with its partners, the SAP AG and the Hewlett Packard GmbH.

In spring 2008, the SAP Adaptive Computing Controller was installed and configured in the context of an early Ramp-Up phase. Afterwards, the HP Storage Essentials were integrated into this solution in the context of the HPO Early Adaptor Programme. The UCC was among the first institutions in the world to apply this technology.

In the progress of the project, the possibilities of Adaptive Computing will be further analyzed and the software will be developed in cooperation with the partners.