SAP UCC Magdeburg is a certified hosting provider

The SAP University Competence Center at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg has successfully passed its certification as "SAP certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations Services and "SAP certified Provider of Hosting Services". For the certification, the SAP UCC in Magdeburg had to undergo an audit through SAP.

In the course of the auditing, the capacities of the SAP UCC were analyzed comprehensively. Special attention was given to the variety of the provided SAP services, the IT operations in accordance with ITIL standard and the equipment of data center and infrastructure. The SAP UCC was able to convince the SAP auditors in all respects.

The certification confirms that the SAP UCC in Magdeburg offers a huge variety of hosting services such as traditional SAP applications, solutions for industry and solutions based on SAP HANA. Furthermore, the certification accounts for the high quality service and the professional organization of the SAP UCC.

Through the certification, the SAP University Competence Center has taken an important step towards further professionalization. This guarantees our business partners high-quality, accurate and reliable services.