Application Usage Mining

Application Usage Mining
Project members: Dr.-Ing. Gamal Kassem
Project status: running

Activities in terms of the application of a modern ERP-system such as ECC are diverse and complicated. Users leave behind traces which reflect their interactions or their activities.

The depiction of actually executed business processes or workflows of the company from the ERP system can be derived. A correct Status quo-Workflow-Model creates business process enhancements for all types of activity of the process management

The goal of the project is the development of a simple and feasible procedure for the reconstruction of Status quo-Workflow-Models of an ERP system. Application Usage Mining (AUM) is meant to be a means for the automatic modelling of a detailed Status quo-Workflow-Model of a company. The software product ECC of the SAP AG holds worldwide market leadership, which is the reason why this system is the ERP-reference for this project.