Basic information on scientific working methods

The term scientific work refers to the systematic depiction (generally of a text) which is composed in the context of independent, methodological research. Scientific work is generally created at Universities or other, public or private, research facilities. It is generally depicted by students, postgraduate students, or other researchers, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

In order to give students a good understanding of scientific work, we would like to recommend attending the event "Recent Topics in Business Informatics" for Bachelor students. In the context of this event, students will be made acquainted with scientific working methods and their application. This will be an advantage especially for the production of the final thesis each student has to write. The event takes place every semester.

Final theses at MRCC

Subsequently, we prepared several documents which are meant to explain how a final thesis can be realized at MRCC and what one needs to bear in mind when it comes to writing it.

Models for final theses and presentations

If you choose to create your final thesis at MRCC or to prepare a presentation, we recommend you to use one of our professional models for final theses and presentations. Those models are availabe for LaTeX and for Microsoft Office:

  • Model for final thesis

  • Model for presentations