Development and exemplary use of an evaluation concept for business games in an ERP-educational context

The Global Bike Go business game series of the SAP University Competence Center Magdeburg is intended to expand the portfolio of the extensive teaching-learning offer in the context of enterprise-resource-planning-teaching. The business games are intended to simulate reality and impart knowledge and skills in a playful manner. In order to be able to verify the achievement of the associated aims, an evaluation concept was developed and tested in this thesis. The results indicate, that the examined business games are suitable for business game beginners. In addition, the actions performed by the participants in the game as well as the interactions among each other lead to the acquisition of knowledge to varying degrees. From the results, further development potentials can be derived for the simulation games used in the university teaching context as well as for the evaluation concept used. This includes the expansion of interaction possibilities with other players. In order to be able to examine this and other implications for the further development of optimized and adapted simulation games, further evaluations must integrate suitable methods for a more in-depth examination of the interactions in connection with the acquisition of knowledge and skills.