Development of a concept to integrate a learning platform into a campus management system

Campus management systems (CaMS) and electronic learning systems (e-learning) are often simultaneously used in university environment. Although these two systems share a data intersection, they are implemented independently of each other. This leads to the fact that the same data has to be operated and maintained double. One way to reduce the leveling and operating effort is to integrate the two systems. This leads to the following research question: How could a concept for the integration of Campus Management systems and e-learning systems that avoids data redundancy look like? In this work, a concept is developed that enables the integration of the two systems. In this context, the CaMS is the leading system. This concept is developed in four successive levels. Through the concept, data redundancies can be reduced. Subsequently, the principle applicability of the concept will be demonstrated by the implementation of a prototype. This prototype is implemented using the systems SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SAP SLcM) and Moodle.