DevOps with SAP HANA (MA,WIP)

Interner Betreuer: Matthias Pohl

In-memory databases imply high potential in the development of business applications. The usage of SAP HANA as a representative for in-memory database seems to be limited to S/4 HANA or SAP Cloud Platform. However, the distribution of SAP HANA as a Docker Image allows developer to integrate SAP HANA in their applications as well as to create microservices based on SAP HANA.
In this project, the capabilities of SAP HANA in a DevOps environment should be investigated. The code repositories are managed on a GitLab-Server. Tools like Docker, Jenkins, Vagrant, Eclipse are used to provide the CI/CD as well as to allow software development tasks (code, build, test, package, release,...). The design of this DevOps landscape is the starting position of the project.
An illustrative application on stock exchange data should be implemented as a basic applications in the designed environment. Further, extension points of the basis application should be considered and prepared scientifically. In this context, machine learning concepts could be integrated via tensorflow/tensorflow.js or a microservice on news data could be connected. A prototype serves a/an validation/evaluation of the DevOps environment and the extensions points in software development.

Skills: UML, Git, Docker, SQL, JS, XML, Python