Demystifying Open-Source Licenses

Interner Betreuer: Dr.-Ing. Matthias Volk, Fabian Rajewski

Today a multitude of open-source licenses exists, each of them with their own specifications and regulations. Consequently, the selection of an appropriate license model for the selection or even development of software components can be a sophisticated endeavor. Additionally, this situation is reinforced by the current problem that not all of the existing license are compatible with each other. As a result, comprehensive re-licensing activities are, for instance, sometimes the only way to prevent failures during the system development. In this project, the use, compatibility and regulations of open-source licenses should be clarified and needed information for potential decision makers provided.


-        Conduct a literature review about existing approaches

-        Compare and identify existing licenses with each other

-        Build up a reliable ontology

-        Prototype an application that is not solely capable to provide needed information about different open-source licenses but also in a combine way.

-        Finalize everything within a project paper.