Trading App (SoPro)

Internal advisor: Matthias Pohl

The goal of this project is to develop a React app for trading financial products. Basic functionalities for overviews (account, order book, portfolio), order masks as well as various calculators and market scanners are to be integrated. The application should be connected in the backend with a REST API of a trading exchange (e.g. Kraken, Bittrex) to test the application. First of all, however, a development environment should be created, which allows an agile development of the app according to the principle of DevOps.

Skills: UML/BPMN, Docker/Vagrant/Ansible, Git, JS, HTML, SQL

Sub tasks:
• Planning & Analysis (e.g. use case analysis and documentation, technical research)
• Design (detailed UML-based modeling)
• Implementation, with consideration of maintenance phase (development)
• Final project paper