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MKWI 2012

23:59 Uhr

Responsible person: Prof. Dr. Klaus Turowski

Nine Mini-Conferences at the MKWI 2012

Date: 29.02.2012 - 03.03.2012

The MKWI 2012 will contain 9 mini conferences that are meant to structure the conference in terms of contents and timing. The mini conferences thus provide a contextual cohesion for different independent tracks. In the following, the structure of the conference and the individual Calls for papers of the specific tracks will be presented.

Deadlines and Formal Requirements

Unless indicated otherwise in the individual Calls for Papers, the guidelines of the MKWI need to be observed:

  • Until 15.09.2011 22.09.2011: Submission
  • Until 15.11.2011 22.11.2011: Review, beginning of registration
  • Until 15.12.2011 22.12.2011: Final Papers, end of early booking discount

The submissions need to correspond to the template published in Mai. The scope of the final paper must not exceed 12 pages (including references).

The full contributions need to be submitted until the date of the first deadline. All submitted articles will be reviewed through a "double-blind" review process. To guarantee this process, please anonymize the document you plan to submit for the first deadline. For this purpose, please remove the information about the author, the file name and meta information from the file.

All required information about the author only need to be added for the submission of the final paper, atfer the review process.

Further details concerning the design and the scope of the contributions are available in the template of the MKWK 2012. The submission and the "double blind" review process will be organized from now on through the activated conference tool on the website.

Student Papers and real life contributions are very welcome! Please hand in your contributions directly at the individual tracks and mark them upon submission.

For further Details, please visit the website.