Scalable Shop System for Multi-Tenant ERP (SoPro, WTP)

Internal advisor: Matthias Pohl

The goal of this project is to model and implement a scalable webshop system (e.g. Magento, shopware) for operation as a cloud service solution. For this purpose, scenarios will be outlined that require horizontal as well as vertical scalability and will be considered in the development. The system should allow interfaces to information systems such as ERP or CRM. Furthermore, load profiles will be defined and the scalability of the system will be tested in a test run.

Skills: UML/BPMN, Docker/Vagrant/Ansible, Git, PHP, JS, HTML, MySQL/Postgres

Sub tasks:
• Planning & Analysis (e.g. use case analysis and documentation, technical research)
• Design (detailed UML-based modeling)
• Implementation, with consideration of maintenance phase (development)