MS Office Javascript Add-Ins (SoPro, WTP)

Internal advisor: Matthias Pohl

The Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) development environment for controlling Microsoft Office applications is still widely used, not only in companies in the financial industry. Especially in Microsoft Excel, the use of VBA enables extensive control and calculation possibilities. However, the underlying programming language Basic is now very little used except for VBA, so the number of users is shrinking. Legacy applications are maintained with a lot of effort and rarely developed any further. The integrated use of VBA in Microsoft Office applications limits its performance to the host system and does not allow concepts of distributed computing.

With strategic changes in the Microsoft group it is now possible to control MS Office applications via a Javascript API. Using so-called Add-Ins it is possible to extend the functionalities of MS Office applications. In this project the possibilities of the Javascript-API are to be explored, a data-intensive example application is to be developed and a possible blueprint for Office Add-Ins is to be created. For this purpose, data will be provided in a MongoDB, which will be processed and transferred to an Excel document for further analysis.
Skills: UML/BPMN, Git, Javascript, MongoDB,

Sub tasks:
• Planning & Analysis (e.g. use case analysis and documentation, technical research)
• Design (detailed UML-based modeling)
• Implementation, with consideration of maintenance phase (development)