Designing a CI/CD pipeline in a micro-service architecture using GitLab and Docker (MA)

Interner Betreuer: Dr.-Ing. Sascha Bosse

The University Library of Magdeburg is transforming to a hybrid learning space in which digital services play a more and more important role. In the last years, the IT department has developed a set of technology heterogenous micro-services and web applications which are connected via REST-APIs to support university and library processes. However, increasing dependencies between these services and their multi-stage deployment form a challenge to the developer team, which should be addressed by modern concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

In this Master thesis, a case study introducing these concepts in an agile environment is to be performed. For that reason, the current service landscape of the library has to be analyzed in order to develop a pipeline concept ranging from testing strategy to multi-stage deployment in a Docker context.


-        Are no stranger to Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

-        Have some experience with testing

-        Are highly motivated to improve the quality of library services for students and researchers



-        Are an agile team of full-stack developers with DevOps attitude

-        Provide a good working atmosphere with friendly colleagues

-        Provide a working place for you

-        Are really interested in applying your results!

-        Are working closely with the MRCC in teaching and research


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